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Finally got back and still got a massive grin on my face... What a day had a fantastic day and a few people came along Phil and girls Paul John awesome sounding car by the way got a small clip on my phone. Pete 1st things first Collins are top notch and are 100% willing to help in everyway possible to give you what you require I'd like to say a big thanks Gary,Ben and Dan for doing all the bits to my car then Martin for working his magic then he took me out in it All I can say is I didnt believe my car could be that quick or handle that well on my 100 quid tyres Going back to the car it's untrue what difference it as made to it and it drives so smooth when just nipping round about so I imagine the missis not no to much which is a bonus On boost thou get ready it's a joke and the sounds, pops and bangs are awesome I'd just like to say to anyone with mp350 go to Collins and get it sorted you will defo not be disappointed one bit... As for photos not got to many and only one video as it took most off the day to Dort so could get it on the dyno but I'm hoping if they do another open day I get first refusal.... I'm :censored: at typing and there's slot more to tell but I'll be defo going back Thanks alot to everyone


Hi Just wanted to say how much of a good service the team at Collins provide yesterday. I had alot of work done which included Full decat exhaust with downpipe, intercooler, gen 2 induction kit, eibach springs, polybushed front and Collins stage 2 remap. I can't sum up how much power the ST has now and the way it handles has been vastly improved. The car feels awesome especially coming from a standard car to full mods. Like I have said I am more than pleased with the service i received from Collins and ill be back there again within the next two weeks to have my rs clutch done. Anyone who is considering going to Collins for any upgrades wont be disappointed.


Had a few jobs done by Martin & Gary Service + MOT, intercooler, mongoose cat-back and rs clutch. Top service by all the guys at Collins performance, am really chuffed. Best is the RS clutch, what a difference, feels like a proper clutch, I've been moaning about my dodgy (and slipping) clutch for ages. Glad I got it done now, feels like a new car.
Will definitely recommend Collins performance. :bow:
Thanks again. Paul.


Hi folks I have just had a full Mongoose exhaust system fitted by Collins Performance and wanted to create a thread to give you all my feedback. Well...... From start to finish these guys are amazing! Got there at 1pm today to have a cat back installed, however after discussing it with Gary we decided to go the whole hog and have the full system including the de-cat and the down pipe, and the price was so good for the full kit and install it was too good an opportunity to miss. What a difference it has made ! While they were fitting the system they noticed that I had the usual RS MK2 fault with the radiator leaking so going to get that sorted out on warranty, my car has only just had a service about 3 weeks back at the main dealers and they didn't spot it (thats if it was there) wouldn't of noticed it if they hadn't spotted it, just goes to show their attention to detail. The one thing that I really liked about Collins Performance was the fact that they worked on my car as if it was their own, that is something that is hard to find now days i think. They started work on my car at 1pm and didn't finish till nearly 5pm as they took their time and made sure that everything was perfect with the fit, even to the point of measuring the tail pipes to ensure that they were the same on each side. These guys take so much interest in the work they carry out as they are enthusiasts so pride themselves in their work. I would highly recommend Collins Performance, so much so that Im going back next month to have some more work carried out and all my future servicing will be carried out there even although its about a 160 mile round trip, trust me it's worth it and more ! Thanks once again to everyone at Collins Performance for a perfect afternoon. Gav